Permit Management

Learn More About Our Digital Permit Management System

At Code Administrators, Inc., our processes are different than that of our competitors. The way that we handle permits, your documents, plans, and anything else you may need during the review and inspection process has been streamlined with our shift to digital management.

Most code officials are still working off of physical copies of your relevant documents and plans, which means a much slower overall process. Our goal is to assist you expediently and efficiently. The best way to accomplish that was by going digital.

To demonstrate our process and to assist your understanding of how our digital permit management system operates, we've created a step-by-step guide. This guide highlights how digital management enhances our ability to provide superior service to our clients and why going digital is such a huge advantage to completing your project on time and budget!

How the System Works


Step 1

Collect two (2) sets of plans and your building permit application.


Step 2

To streamline your application, submit an extra set of plans to Code Administrators in digital format (email or USB).


Step 3

Once we have your essential documents, they're scanned and uploaded to our Digital Permit Management System.


Step 4

We'll contact you with any areas of concern to provide immediate feedback to keep your project moving forward in a positive direction.


Step 5

Once your building permit application has been approved and your permit has been issued by the municipality, you'll need to pick it up before you can begin work.


Step 6

We'll visit your site and conduct the inspection using our Digital Permit Management System. At the end of the inspection, you'll receive an email containing your inspection results for your records.


Step 7

Once your project is finished, our Digital Permit Management System alerts our personnel that you've passed your finals. We'll begin processing your final paperwork immediately and send it to the municipality for their issuance of your Certificate of Use and Occupancy.

See our permit management system in action.

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