Guiding you through the permitting and occupancy process

As a company providing professional building code services since 1996, Code Administrators has assisted facilities of all types and sizes navigate the State & Municipal codes for construction. Our staff is ready to offer preliminary project planning, permit plans review and construction inspections to help bring your concept to fuition.

Customer service you can count on

Our staff understands that the planning and construction process can be stressful. We focus on providing flexible and accurate guidance when it comes to planning, reviewing, inspecting, and enforcing codes. Our goal is to eliminate pain points throughout the process while remaining true to your unique vision.

While we serve multiple stakeholders as municipal consultants, we also have a responsibility to the structure so as to retain its integrity and longevity. Our mission is to ensure that every structure we inspect meets code minimums to protect your investment.

What Sets Us Apart


We understand that in construction, time is money. Our systems are designed to provide digital processing and next day inspections.


We a full administrative staff who are always on-hand to answer your questions, because speaking with an individual is better than an automated answering system.


Our technical personnel are cross-trained across multiple disciplines, enabling them to assist customers through the different phases of residential and commercial projects. 


Plan Review

Reviewing plans is an important step in the code compliance process. Plans review of preliminary designs provides the insight into the code path for project compliance. Working through design considerations on the front side of permit issuance assists in eliminating issues during construction and in keeping project schedules and budgets in line.


We inspect projects and facilities of every size, type, and condition, with a multi-discipline program that increases efficiency and turn-around times. The function of inspections is to ensure that any work being performed on site is done in accordance with the approved construction documents and all applicable codes.

Our professionals inspect the project to determine construction compliance. Where compliance issues are identified, we will inform you in writing and collaborate with you for solutions that keep your project on schedule.


Digital Technology

Our technology assets provide our customers with a streamlined process within our permit management system. The technology allows the inclusion of all identified stakeholders in construction document submittals, field inspection records, and certificate of occupancy documentation.

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